When I walked into the Stillwater Tavern in downtown St. Pete that night, I wasn’t sure what to expect…

All I knew was I was excited to finally drink some beer face to face with Ben Settle and get a little social hang time with my old pal, Kevin Rogers.

Kevin & Ben were hosting a private, $4K per head mastermind over the last two days and I’d been out of town all weekend so I didn’t know if we were heading off to a boys night out adventure, or what we were doing…

Turns out, I spent 4.5 hours drinking that beer with Ben (Reef Donkey IPA for me and Guinness for Captain Email) plus mixing it up and talking shop with all the rest of the super-sharp marketers and entrepreneurs who attended their Email Addiction workshop. Along for the ride were a couple of welcome surprises – Jack Born, creator of Aweber ProTools and Jonathan Rivera from The Podcast Factory.

I tell you all this because:

A) I want you to get a sense of just what a great friggin’ time we had…
B) I want you to understand the high-caliber and level of digital marketing acumen at the table.

And only now that you do – can you fully appreciate how valuable the Membership Deep Dive Live Training is going to be for you..

Just ONE of the membership strategies I shared with the group sent a seasoned marketer in the highly-competitive survival market rushing back to his hotel room and laptop to map out a new funnel for warming up and gradualizing notoriously hard-to-convert cold, paid traffic.

What was it that got this $4K paid attendee to exile himself from the festivities and hit the keyboard?

A simple mindshift anyone can make in a finger-snap that will forever change the way you conceptualize, visualize, plan and execute your marketing campaigns – using memberships.

And that’s only ONE of the things I’m going to be teaching you tomorrow night on the Membership Deep Dive Live Training…

The show starts tomorrow (Wed. October 26th) at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific).

Get yourself registered using the link below and join us:

See you there!

Brian McLeod

Brian McLeod

P.S. – Even if you can’t make it live, you should claim your slot so you can grab the recordings and bonus downloads at your convenience.

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